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I'm Dave Stencel, born in Milwaukee Wi. in 1960 I lived there for 30 years.
in 1980, my wife Kim and I started building a log cabin in the woods of Western Wi. with the dream of someday moving there to stay. In 1991, the move was completed and the creative process and business of BridgeCreek began.

The early years involved working with Fur, rawhide, Leather,Wood, Feathers, and Antlers. Primitive Cultures were fascinating because of their survivability, so we learned by re-creating the tools, weapons, and clothes of 100s of years ago.
The Plains Indian Culture became our primary interest evolving into a Tipi demonstration program for Elementary Schools around the Midwest. Hundreds of Schools, and tens of thousands of both kids and teachers learned the ways of old, including shelter and food gathering. After 8 years of doing that, we turned our interests to something different. We observed Antler Carving while out in Montana, and decided to create Eagles out of Horns, thus the name eaglehorns. Now, Antler work is all we do, having carved some 900 Eagle heads in 2006.

Naturally Shed Antlers are selected from all over North America, then graded for use in each specific carving. Fine detail carving tools are used to achieve each unique Eagle, a coat of clear enamel is then applied.

The Image of an Eagle is a majestic one, and someday a carving will capture your interest. Until that day, I will keep the fires burning in the winter studio working to bring each one to perfection.