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Q. Are these real antlers.
A. yes we use only the finest real antlers.
Q. do you kill all these animals?
A. no all of these antler products are made with sheds.
Q. are antlers hard to carve?
A. yes antler material is very hard like ivory or oakwood.
Q. Are these antlers painted?
A. NO, we use no paint of any kind sometimes a light stain and shelac are used to finish the antlers off.
Q. Where do you get these antlers?
A. Working with antlers for 15 years we've developed a network of friends who buy and sell antlers to us.
Q. how much do moose antlers weigh?
A. 3 to 15 lbs on average.
Q. How do I care for my antler product?
A. A light dusting is all you need to do.
Q. How much is shipping?
A. Shipping of our Antler products can range from $20 to $50 depending on size and weight of each individual order.
Q. Will you carve antlers if I provide them?
A. Yes your personal antlers can be made into any of the products we make.
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