Quality Home & Cabin Decor

 wonderful example of moose antlers carved by Dave Stencel of Bridge Creek

Over 10,000 Eagle carvings
have been sold.

Welcome to Bridge Creek Antler Carving. Since 1991, we have been producing log cabin and home decor. Our studio is located near Fairchild in Western Wisconsin. The area abounds with wildlife including Eagles, which are the inspiration for our carvings. Shed Deer, Moose, and Elk Antlers are hand selected from around the country to produce the finest carvings. Live Eagles are studied thru Rehab, and Educational centers to achieve the finest details. Each carving is unique and original. So view our Site, come to the Studio, or meet us at the many Art Shows we attend around the country throughout the year.
For that personal touch, we can work with your Antlers also.