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Antler Fish Trophys

fish trophy image Antler Fish , the head and tail are cut from Moose Antler and the ribs are Deer and Elk antler.
They measure 16 or 24 inches, on or off the barn board.
Large $95.
Small $58.
with or without board.

Eagle Head Stands..

eagle head stand image
Eagle Heads carved from Moose Antler mounted on Driftwood stands.
Approx. 12 inches tall, each one uniquely different...
$100.00 to $175.00
moose antler wall-mount eagle Eaglehead Moose Antler carving on driftwood. Wall mounted $145- $175 each

antler image
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Dog chews made from deer and moose and elk antler, many size and price choices.


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Antler Necklaces
Cotton thong
$10 ea.
Leather thong
$10 ea.
Hand Carved Bone
Strung on a buckskin thong.
$10 ea.
bracelets image
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letter openers image
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Eagle Letter Openers
6 to 8 inches in length
$32 ea.
Eagle Pins
Carved from Antler
1.5 - 2 inches
$15 ea.
eagle pins image
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